Different Blog. Same Old Me.

First off, welcome to my new blog.  There are some obvious changes and some not-so obvious ones.

So, why the new blog?  A couple of reasons:

  • Let’s start with the obvious.  I don’t live in Atlanta anymore and haven’t for quite some time.  California is my home now.
  • SPAM: Ever since I mentioned going to a certain country earlier this year, my blog has been inundated with spam.  It just got incredibly annoying and hard to keep up with.

Why the name “Golden Trails Blog”?  The reasons are again two-fold:

  • California is the Golden State and in late summer/fall all the grass is burnt appearing in a golden hue when running in it.  It’s rather beautiful actually.
  • Golden Bears!  Golden Trails!  A huge leap of imagination, I know.

The Mona Lisa of Logos

To be honest, I had been considering shutting down this whole blogging thing altogether, but decided against it in the end.  Mostly it’s because of YOU!  I have made many friends through in 2.5 years of keeping up my Atlanta Trails Blog.  Every single one of those friendships was a reason for me to continue.

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5 Responses to Different Blog. Same Old Me.

  1. Addyg says:

    Congrats on your new blog :). It seems to be a very apt title. I look forward to reading about all of your trail adventures!

    Hope to see you at Woodside 🙂

  2. JoLynn says:

    How the heck do I follow you here? Hmmmmm?

  3. Gretchen says:

    Hello Golden Trails Blog! Oooh, and you’re WordPress now. Tres chic!
    Hope to see you out on the trails this year!

  4. Hello Goldentrails – thanks for commenting my blog and encouraging me for running in non-californian-style weather (I know that you have a rainy season there, too 😉 I would like to taste that tanka bar, since I am always curious … here in Switzerland you get the usual stuff; PowerBar, Sponsor products, Ultra … thanks to the web and a friend (fartherfaster.blogspot) someone can send me one. Go on blogging and running, and last but not least: goldentrails sounds good!

  5. Congrats on your resurrection. Would be interested to know the pros and cons of working with wordpress rather than the google blogger.

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