Running Trails on the Road

I recently went on a road trip to Colorado (more on that later).  Along the way, I made several stops to shake out my legs and run a few miles.  Here are some tips and pictures.

  • Have your stuff ready! – It’s much easier to pull off and go for a run if you know it’s only going to take 2 minutes to get ready and run.  If your shoes are in a different bag than your shirt and you’ve forgotten where your Garmin is, well, you’re much more likely to just keep on driving and skip the run.
  • Watch for signs – Sometimes there are signs along interstates indicating a nearby trailhead.  The PCT off I-80 is (near Donner Pass) is a good example.
  • LOOK for trails – Sometimes you just have to keep an eye out for trails.
  • Anticipate trails – If you’re driving through a mountain range or by a state park, you know there will be trails.  Also, ski resorts are great (and tough) to through in the summer.

Utah Salt Flats

Fossils on the Trail of the Times (right off I-70 on Utah/Colorado border)

lots of trails in this area

Hidden Valley Trail three miles south of Moab - A gem of a trail!

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