The Race That Wasn’t

One of my key races this back half of 2010 was supposed to be the Headlands 50k.  “Supposed to be,” because it got canceled about three weeks before race day.  Naturally, I whined about it on Twitter and openly considered a self-supported run.  To my surprise, @howardsol responded expressing his disappointment as well.

Next thing I knew, Howard (these are real people on the interwebs!  who knew?) had put together an alternative, fat-ass type race and dubbed it the Skinnyman 50k.  His college buddy, Todd, was flying in from New York and his coach, Phil, an ultra-swimmer, was joining us as well.  Howard’s family and Todd’s wife would crew.

The racers leaving Tennessee Valley - Howard, Todd, me and Phil (from left to right)

I ended up not treating this entirely like a race but opted to train right through the weekend (i.e., no taper/recovery periods) and to enjoy a long run in the Headlands. Because of other obligations, chores and a Dave Matthews concert, I ran only about 25 miles of the course.  I will say that I am very encouraged but how pleasant and effortless the run felt.  My training is (watch out…here comes a pun) on course!

Me sitting down at 20 miles. Not because I was tired, but because I was feeling so good that I knew getting up wouldn't be a problem. (Also, there appears to be something growing in my right leg. There is about a 7% chance that there is an alien living in my leg.)

I actually had a fantastic time meeting some new people and sharing the trails with them.  In the end, I was actually happy that the Headlands 50k got canceled and the Skinnyman was born.  This was more fun for sure!

Todd and Howard finishing. 50% DNF rate.

My thanks to Howard, et. al. for putting this race together.  An extra big thanks to our awesome crew.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever been this well taken care of at race.

A more detailed report on Howard’s blog.

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2 Responses to The Race That Wasn’t

  1. How cool! Sounds like a great time on a great trail.

  2. Addy says:

    How great! I’m glad you were able to still get in a great “race.” Ed was also counting on that 50k to be his last big one before Dick Collins, but ended up readjusting and going with Woodside last weekend instead.

    Mt. Tam really is the best place to run 🙂

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