A New Approach in 2011

“I know!” you must be thinking “You’re blogging less in 2011. That must be the new approach.”  While that is true (for now), the lack of blogging is just a result of hectic times at work.

The Old Approach

In order to talk about my new approach to a race season, I suppose I should talk about the old approach as well.  Up until now, I have always looked at a calendar in terms of two seasons: spring and fall.  This was mostly out of necessity and eventually habit.

When I started trail and ultra-running, I lived in Atlanta.  Now, I don’t do well running in heat and most long races in the South are in the spring and fall.  The only race I would run in the summers was the world’s largest 10k: the Peachtree Road Race.

I may be in that picture...that would be some serious Where's Waldo!

Moving to California, I had kept up this routine, partially because of habit and partially because it fit my (grad student) schedule.

New Approach

Those days are over now. There is no natural break this year because of weather or finals or something else. For the first time, I plan on racing and going on major runs throughout the summer.  Here are my anchor races:

Grizzly Peak Marathon – April

This race is hard, but these are my home trails.  My goals is to attack the 4 hour barrier on that course, which is not going to be easy.

Crissy Field Half Day – June

Not really my type of terrain, but I will use it as build up for…

Pacing Mark Tanaka at TRT 100 – July

I’ve never paced before, and I cannot wait to run some sweet trails in Tahoe while helping out one of my friends and idols.

Adventure Run in Yosemite – August

This isn’t perfectly defined yet, but I do have a general route planned that is in the 35-40 mile range.  Should be one heck of a day!

Dick Collins 50 Miler*

An absolute classic, and it’s right in my backyard!  I run on the middle 50% of that course (it’s an out-and-back) all the time.  Home trail advantage should serve me well here.

I will fill in this schedule with some other races to maintain or assess my fitness.  One of them is this weekend.  I have honestly no idea what I’m capable of in anything north of 15 miles.  Most of my runs have been less than that and at a very moderate to leisurely pace.

Let me know if I can expect to see you at any of the above races!

P.s. I also plan to attend Miwok to spectate, get in a long run and tweet.

*If DC doesn’t work out, I plan on returning to North Face.

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One Response to A New Approach in 2011

  1. Gretchen says:

    Sounds like a great season lining up for you! I’m pacing at TRT as well, so I’ll definitely look for you. You are going to love those trails. (MY backyard!) Glad to hear Mark is returning for more.

    I’d love to hear about your plans for Yosemite when you get them dialed. One of my favorite places!

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