2012 Running and Adventure Plans

2012 will be unlike any year in the past, as we will be welcoming a new arrival to the family in March.  This makes planning difficult if not impossible.  However, I do have a rough outline of what I hope to be doing.

The front half of the year is a bit thin because of the aforementioned reasons as well as my injury that I’m slowly coming back from.  (I’m taking my time and that seems to be working well.)

(all plans tentative)


Backcountry ice skating featuring the ever graceful Gretchen

It’s no secret that the snow in the high country is missing.  Gretchen has already outlined a new emerging sport: backcountry ice-skating. Time is a bit limited these days, but I am taking a vacation day to head up high.  Either the trails are still dry by then or there will be fresh snow. Can’t lose either way.  (There is a back up option not in the high country if it’s snowing/raining the day I’m supposed to go).


Crewing Mrs. Golden Trails.


I would like to try one of Brazen Racing’s races.  Brazen has designed a course that runs through Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, which is directly adjacent to Tilden.  The course (almost) tops out on Wildcat Peak which is my favorite and easily my most summitted Peak. I also havent’ run a race this short in years.  It’ll be fun to let it fly!


If Mike Palmer hosts his annual Psychedelic Climacteric (race report from 2009 on my old blog), I will be running that.


I will return to Diablo and upgrade to the 50k this time. It will be a good prep race for…


Dick Collins 50 miler!  One of the classics and I know the northern half of the course like the back of my hand.  I’ve been wanting to run this race for years and plan to do well.


Quad Dipsea.  ‘Nuff said.

Let me know if we might cross paths in 2012!

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1 Response to 2012 Running and Adventure Plans

  1. Ben Lauer says:

    I’m jealous of you with Mrs. Golden Trails (in a totally not weird way…)
    Good luck with all the races. I’m doing my first 60k, which is probably the final step to a 50m…

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